Alexei Alexei Pystin
- piano

   Was born October 30, 1971. The leader and one of the founders of the band. Started learning music at the age of four. The first important solo performance took place in 1992 in the Great Hall of Novosibirsk State Conservatory at a concert dedicated to Erroll Garner. In 1993 graduated from Novosibirsk Musical College (classical piano, class of L.S. Yui, and jazz piano, class of E.I.Serebrennikov). As a student, performed with the college's Big Band. Before the creation of "Week And", worked in Moscow and Novosibirsk with various jazz- and rock-groups.

Vladislav Vladislav Topolov
- guitar

   Was born May 15, 1970. It was he, along with A. Pystin, who had the idea of bringing together a group capable of playing any jazz music, from classical to avantgarde, with a special accent being put on Mainstream. This happened quite naturally: Vlad and Alexei have been playing together since 1988, and during their more-than-10-year long artistic union they have performed together with many groups and musicians. Among those is a Moscow group "Ivan-Kaif". In the Winter of 1998 Vladislav worked in Moscow and Nizhny Novrorod with a blues group "Blues Passengers". Vlad began his career as a guitarist at age 12 under the direction of one of Novosibirsk's best pedagogues, Yu. Kuzin; then took jazz guitar lessons from D. Shekhter (now lives in Germany). In 1998 graduated from Novosibirsk Musical College (class of M. Panarin). During his time in the College, Vlad has extensively studied the work of some of the most prominent modern guitarists, such as Wes Montgomery, Joe Pass, John McLaughlin, John Scofield, and John Abercrombie. Vladislav already possesses his own improvisational style, which he continues to develop.

Yuri Yuri Vasiliev
- bass

   Was born October 23, 1966. The best-known member of the group. Yuri graduated from Novosibirsk Musical College with honours in 1998. In the course of his musical career he has performed with almost all of Novosibirsk's jazz groups. Among them are names like A.Sultanov's Big Band and the ensemble of Vyatscheslav Kokalin. In a trio with T.Sidneva and V.Kirpichev, between 1989 and 1991 he has performed at festivals in Novokuznetsk, Krasnojarsk, Barnaul, and Angarsk. Yuri is a virtuoso of his instrument, and with his joining the group in November 1996 the creative backbone of musicians, who define the Quartet's principal ideas, was formed.

Dmitry Dmitry Rjanitsyn
- drums

   Was born May 27, 1971.

Vika Viktoria Tchekovaya
- vocal

   Was born... It's not so bad!